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Rian Patrick

Rian Patrick has three Crime-Mystery-Thriller series (looking for a home) and is the creator of the hit comic series – Snorkel and Fin. After twenty plus years as a US Navy SEAL, Rian dedicated himself to his next greatest passion – storytelling. Follow him by signing up for his newsletter and follow the Snorkel and Fin comic series on their blog and on Rian’s social media outlets.

Snorkel and Fin

Snorkel and Fin are two high speed Underwater Demolition Team, UDT guys that are clearly Rian’s alter ego. From comic strips to Warrior Profiles, to Military History, to their ongoing comic series – Dark Waters and much more, Snorkel and Fin will keep you entertained. Follow their hijinks and outrageous adventures here, on Rian’s website, on social media at X and Facebook. If the comedy duo is lucky (in 2025) they might even get their own animated ‘show’ that will premiere on Instagram and YouTube.


Giving is Receiving

When Snorkel and Fin’s merchandise is ready to go, a portion (significant portion) of every sale will go to organizations that go above and beyond to help those in need. Like the Navy SEAL Foundation that provides support where it is needed throughout Naval Special Warfare. The SEAL Legacy Foundation and Special Operations Warrior Foundation, two organizations that regularly give back to veterans and their families. Like the National Fabry Disease Foundation that helps people with the rare genetic disorder Fabry, and the Brain Injury Association of America that assists people with TBI and CTE. This is just a small sample of the organizations that Snorkel and Fin hope to help out. When you make a purchase, you will be given the option to pick your charity and even the amount of the sale you wish to donate. Please check back soon and in the meantime check out these amazing groups doing amazing work. A very hearty thank you from both Rian and Snorkel and Fin.

Devil Makes Four

Finn Keany, a Navy SEAL, who is being medically retired after losing his leg to an IED, is headed home after a long time away.

Isabella Moore, the matriarch of the Moore family, has asked Finn for help. The Moore estate is in ruins and Isabella wants to liquidate what she can and move on with her life. Finn figures a few days at home can’t hurt; he can keep his trickster aunt at bay along with a few ghosts of his past for that long. But things take a turn when he finds an expensive bracelet while retrieving crab pots from the Chesapeake Bay. Finn can’t get over wanting to know how the bracelet ended up in the marshes and why no one has come to claim it. Finn is soon embroiled in a possible conspiracy to blackmail three wealthy families from his hometown. The bracelet, the conspiracy and Isabella Moore, are they all linked, one in the same? Devil Makes Four is a Mystery-Thriller on adrenaline, cranked full of intrigue and deception and maddening plot twists.


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