Myles McCullen Series


3 Bullets and a Beating

Myles McCullen has come to the end of the line. It’s get out of the ‘life’ or pay with his life. Brock Livingston wants Myles and his crew to do one more job, retrieve one last priceless artifact for him. The trouble is that his crew has already gone legit and McCullen has settled into his day job as a homicide detective with the Baltimore Police. Livingston sweetens the deal by threatening to expose McCullen as a crooked cop or worse - death. One more job and that’s it McCullen agrees but the job goes bad and everyone around him is at risk. Set to the backdrop of a brutally hot summer in the city and simmering civil unrest, 3 Bullets and a Beating is a fast-paced Crime-Thriller that will leave you panting and wanting more.


3 Dogs and a Guy

Prior to the Revolutionary war three men create the most unique covenant. A freed Irish indentured servant, a freed slave and a reformed plantation owner make a secret agreement to keep eastern Maryland free. They pledge their oath to each other by sharing equal parts of a golden statue – The Three Dogs. Now, nearly two hundred and fifty years later the descendants of that secret affirmation are being hunted. Myles McCullen, convalescing from his previous adventure is in no shape to run around hunting down bad men. Now, bolstered by a sage like wooden boat builder and a troubled Army vet, acting as his stand in, stunt double. McCullen and his ‘team’ investigate this age-old case only to be drawn down the rabbit hole into a world of cunning and lies and deceit. 3 Dogs and a Guy, set in a sleepy town on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake is a twisting Crime-Thriller whose pace is anything but sleepy.

Finn Keany Series


Devil Makes Four

Finn Keany, a Navy SEAL, who is being medically retired after losing his leg to an IED, is headed home after a long time away. Isabella Moore, the matriarch of the Moore family, has asked Finn for help. The Moore estate is in ruins and Isabella wants to liquidate what she can and move on with her life. Finn figures a few days at home can’t hurt; he can keep his trickster aunt at bay along with a few ghosts of his past for that long. But things take a turn when he finds an expensive bracelet while retrieving crab pots from the Chesapeake Bay. Finn can’t get over wanting to know how the bracelet ended up in the marshes and why no one has come to claim it. Finn is soon embroiled in a possible conspiracy to blackmail three wealthy families from his hometown. The bracelet, the conspiracy and Isabella Moore, are they all linked, one in the same? Devil Makes Four is a Mystery-Thriller on adrenaline, cranked full of intrigue and deception and maddening plot twists.


Devil Gets His

Before leaving the Great Lakes, Finn Keany picks up two crewmen to help him pilot his new sailboat down the Atlantic coast. In a small port in Maine, only days after coming on board, the two men jump ship and disappear. Finn doesn’t think much of it until he’s detained on suspicion of armed robbery. Now, stuck in Maine, while he attempts to prove his innocence, a cousin he’s never met, and her young son, go missing. What happened to the two crewmen? What happened to his cousin and why is a single-minded FBI agent accusing him of working for the New Irish Republican Army? Devil Gets His, is a Mystery-Thriller set along the rugged and unforgiving coast of New England. A perfect backdrop for this story of mistaken identity, fallen warriors and the innocence of youth.

Casey and Lowenstein Series


Blood Mist

A woman is brutally murdered in a San Francisco apartment. Fitz Lowenstein’s roommate and sometimes partner, Ronan Casey, are at odds to what the murder could mean. Lowenstein, a man who runs a ‘respectable’ investigation service, generally shies away from anything that has to do with dead bodies. Ronan, on the other hand, seems to leave a trail of bodies wherever he goes. The pair soon become aware that the woman’s murder may be linked to a much larger, much more sinister plot than originally assumed, at least that’s what Fitz thinks. Ronan seems to have the inside track on something so big, so devastating that thousands may die if he doesn’t do something to stop it. Blood Mist is a modern-day Crime-Thriller full of Sherlockian discoveries, plot twists and interplay between the ‘odd couple’ of crime, Lowenstein and Ronan. It is also jammed packed with heart stopping action and adventure. A perfect read to keep you up all night.


Blood Bond

The rainiest winter on record in San Francisco has Fitz Lowenstein wanting to stay inside. Retired Navy SEAL, Ronan Casey knows the only way to catch the killer who’s haunting the city is to get outside and embrace the suck. When Lowenstein’s assistant becomes a possible victim of the ‘rainy day’ killer he can no longer sit on the sidelines and let Ronan have all the wet fun. Ronan soon learns that Lowenstein’s aide is more than a pretty face and that there is a blood bond that his roommate must honor. Blood Bond is a Crime-Thriller that drags the painful past, out of each of the ‘odd couple’ of crime, Lowenstein and Ronan. It lays it out there, bears it for all to see. Will this new awareness of each other’s past weaken or strengthen their bond? Fast-paced and defying expectations and assumptions, it is a story that will keep you guessing.

Jane Ember's Dead


Jane Ember’s Dead

‘The southern Philippines is no place for a lady,’ is what Jane Ember’s boss, at the Agency, said moments before he shipped her off to the very same place. In early 2001 the island of Mindanao is as close to the wild west as one could get and exactly why her section chief dumped her there – ‘to do nothing or die, don’t matter to me, just get out of my hair.’ Except Ember did something, did something big. With a mixed bag of low-key US and Philippine Navy SEALs, Ember infiltrates every terrorist ring in the ‘triangle of terror’ and slowly begins to dismantle them. So much so that when Osama Bin Laden is looking for a place to train and hide his men among the Abu Sayyaf and Jemia Islamia. Ember and her crew are there to send them packing. Jane Ember’s Dead is a tale of double cross after double cross, deceit after deceit. A spy story set near the Heart of Darkness in the year of the 9-11 attacks and one that keeps you guessing until the end, and beyond.

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