SnF 002 – Duck, Duck, Goose

‘Innovation’ is a word more often ascribed to engineers and inventors and not to military men. The assumption being that military men (and women) follow the guy (or gal) in front of them, not true. Especially not true for Frogmen or SEALs. In fact, throughout much of Naval Special Warfare’s (NSW) history many of the missions and operations the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) or SEALs had to pull off had never been done before – hence innovation, creativity and a willingness to learn and try new things. Okay, so maybe our Frogmen heroes – Snorkel and Fin, in SnF #2 – Duck, Duck, Goose – may have taken it a bit to the ridiculous during their workout, but still… you get the point, be creative.

For a more ‘practical’ application of Frogman and SEAL innovation and creativity please see the following article in Forbes magazine –

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